Go Fund Me Gives Serenity $1K

Serenity Hospice and Home was given $1000 from This large international fundraising website was a part of Serenity’s 100 Miles for Hospice walk on the Pacific Crest Trail by Jim Cole from Polo. “Mr. Cole was going to walk the trail with his sons and wanted to turn it into more

Serenity Grants Last Wish

“I left home at 15 and had to support myself,” said the 78-year old Charles Lutzow.  “I ushered at the Coranado Theater and it was very beautiful and grand. I met lots of famous people.” Life then took over and he had children and other jobs and served in the military, more

Grandmother Passes Love of Volunteering to Granddaughter

The passing of our ideals, beliefs and priorities down to our children and grandchildren help weave the fabric of our culture and our society.   One local woman, Susan Davis, is doing just that with her granddaughter, Julie. “I want her to know how important Serenity Hospice is to me,” said more