I Want to Volunteer

Hospice Volunteers are key to fulfilling Serenity Hospice and Home’s mission of service.

Join us at Serenity Hospice & Home, no previous experience is required. People from all walks of life volunteer for Serenity Hospice and Home: men, women, retirees, students, and business professionals, too.

Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, but share a passion: the willingness to give of themselves.

You will be matched to assignments that fit your unique skills, interest, and schedule.  For more information, please call our Volunteer Manager, Stephanie, at 815-732-2499.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Office / Clerical Volunteer
    • Mailings
    • Faxing
    • Scanning
    • Shredding
  • Direct Patient Care
    • Visiting / Reading
    • Caregiver Relief
    • Errands
    • Phone Calls
    • Light Housekeeping
    • Gardening / Lawn Mowing
    • Certified Pet Therapy
    • Music (Singing, playing an instrument, etc.)
  • Direct Patient Care in a Nursing Facility
    • Visiting / Reading
    • Phone Calls
    • Certified Pet Therapy
    • Music (Singing, playing an instrument, etc.)
  • Special Projects
    • Baking / Cooking
    • Fundraising
    • Gardening/Lawn Care
    • Sewing (Memory Pillows, Corn Bags, Adjusting Patient Clothing)
    • Knitting / Crocheting
    • Prayer Circle
    • Photography / Videotaping
    • Weekend Volunteers at Serenity Home

*Professional volunteers with certified skills, such as Massage Therapy, Music Therapy, Reflexology, Physical Therapy, etc., can provide invaluable services to Serenity Hospice & Home patients.

Volunteer Application