Planned Giving

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Please use the button above or click here to make a direct donation or memorial gift to Serenity Hospice & Home’s Foundation. Your gift makes a tremendous difference in helping others!

Planned Giving Opportunities

IRA Rollover

IRA owners age 70½ or over can transfer up to $100,000 to charity tax-free each year.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) transfers, known as qualified charitable distributions or QCDs, offer eligible older Americans a great way to easily give to charity before the end of the year. Moreover, for those who are at least 72, QCDs count toward the IRA owner’s required minimum distribution (RMD) for the year. (Source: IRS Website)


Bequests are a wonderful way to extend your generosity into the future. A bequest gift made through your will or trust is a great way to ensure Serenity can be a wonderful steward of your legacy.

Gifts of Stocks and Real Estate

Another opportunity to benefit Serenity is through the gift of stocks, mutual funds, securities or real estate. Often there are tax-advantages for the donor.