Grandmother Passes Love of Volunteering to Granddaughter

The passing of our ideals, beliefs and priorities down to our children and grandchildren help weave the fabric of our culture and our society.   One local woman, Susan Davis, is doing just that with her granddaughter, Julie. “I want her to know how important Serenity Hospice is to me,” said Davis. “I want to show her why it’s important to volunteer for organizations that you believe in.”

Davis has been a regular volunteer at the Serenity Home since it opened and has volunteered with Angel Treasures for many years as well. She is dependable, hardworking and does everything with a happy heart. “As a person of faith, I believe that everything I do every day is for the glory of God,” said Davis. “For this reason, I can keep a happy heart even when cleaning bathrooms or doing the laundry. It’s a way of giving back for the many blessings I have in my life.”

One of those blessings is her 17-year-old granddaughter Julie, who began volunteering at the Serenity Home this summer. “I want my grandchildren to know that death is nothing to be afraid of,” said Davis. “Serenity Home will be the last earthly home for many of the patients. It shows them respect to keep it as clean and beautiful as possible. I consider it an honor to serve them at this stage in their life.”

Julie clearly has a heart of service like her grandmother and all Serenity employees were impressed with her attitude and hard work. “Julie is great,” said Cheryl Newcomer, Volunteer Coordinator for Serenity. “Where else do you see a 17- year -old cleaning a bathroom, doing a fantastic job and having a good time,” said Cheryl. “She is a hard worker and has a wonderful example to follow in her grandmother.”

Davis and Julie have cleared their busy calendars for some upcoming Sunday afternoon dates together. They don’t go for lunch or shop, they meet at Serenity Home to clean. “I love spending the time with my granddaughter and showing her what’s truly important in life,” said Davis.

Serenity Hospice and Home is always in need of dedicated people of all ages with a heart for giving to help keep their mission going. “The volunteer opportunities at Serenity are extensive,” said Newcomer. “There is something to fit everyone’s ability and interests.” The volunteer opportunities range from direct patient interaction to baking, to helping in the house with laundry, office work, cleaning, visiting, reading to patients, helping with fundraisers, gardening—the list is endless. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Serenity family as a volunteer, give Newcomer a call at 815-732-2499. A training class for new volunteers will begin in early October.

“I cannot encourage people enough to give of themselves,” said Davis. “Serving together is a great way to spend time together and there is no higher lesson than teaching a child to give back.”