Diversity Statement

Serenity Hospice & Home

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion


It is our priority to foster and maintain an environment where diversity and inclusion are valued and achieved to the benefit of our staff and to the patients we serve.

We believe in treating everyone fairly and value the diversity of our colleagues, patients, families, partners and vendors. Inclusion is how we live our commitment to fairness and diversity. It shapes how we honor the perspectives, abilities and identities of our colleagues; how we listen to, engage and respond to our patients; and how we connect to and appreciate each other and those we serve. We define diversity as differences that influence and affect our organizational culture, and the communities and patients we engage in the following areas: race, color, ethnicity, national origin, socioeconomic status, pay and benefits, ability, military service, age, faith, gender, sexual identity, personal appearance, pregnancy, and political views.

Our commitment means that our differences require that we be inclusive, respectful of each other, and that we take seriously the responsibility that we have to honor each other’s right to be different. Our commitment to inclusion does not mean that we must agree on everything nor does it mean that those who do not agree cannot be part of a community.

SH&H Agreements:

  • Honor Diversity & Suspend Judgement to Build Strong Teams
  • Value the Contributions of Everyone & Actively Work Toward Creating a Culture of Inclusion
  • Communicate Respectfully, Assume Positive Intent & Listen for Understanding
  • Commit to Uphold Organizational Values & Create Safe Spaces for Feedback
  • Commit to Seek Out the Root Causes of Conflict & Pursue Resolution
  • Embrace a culture of Learning, Reflection & Continuous Improvement