The Serenity Shed


Open: Monday- Friday • 8:00 AM-4:30 PM

We’re across from Conover Square and north of The Village Bakery.

THE SERENITY SHED opened in August of 2015 with the vision to be a peaceful place to house all of Serenity Hospice’s Bereavement Programs.  Two bereavement coordinators would be there full-time and included would be a fully-functioning workshop used to re-purpose furniture donated to Angel Treasures.  There is a huge therapeutic value of creating and working with your hands and The Shed can offer that type of therapy to grieving individuals.

The Shed has morphed into a community gathering spot, a creative, organic growing group of people, some of them grieving a recent loss, some of them not, who work together to create beautiful furniture and decorative items.  One of their best selling items are inspirational messages painted onto pallet wood.  “We are basically Pinterest come to life,” laughs Bereavement Coordinator, Cathy Warren.  “When one of our volunteers sees something they want to do, we find a way to try and make it happen.  We have made beautiful garden greenhouses and we have refinished pieces of furniture for people.  The volunteers who help here are amazing.

People suffering from losses of loved ones, losses of their former lives, losses of their physical ability to do their jobs or hobbies.  People just wanting to give back to the community.  People looking for companionship.  People who have felt the power of Serenity Hospice and want to help.  People from all walks of life—students, walking clubs, women’s groups, civic organizations, scouting troops, church groups, Veterans, camps, individuals—all have been to The Shed.

Many of Serenity’s bereavement groups are held in the facility’s meeting room.  Sometimes people just stop in to see what’s going on, have a cup of coffee and homemade cookie and then go on about their day.

The Shed is also a distributor for Dixie Belle chalk paint and products!  These amazing products take the hard work out of your projects and allow you to focus on the fun and creativity.  Stop by and check them out!