Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteers help Serenity thrive in helping, reaching, and serving those in need.
The week of April 21, 2024, we uplift and highlight our many volunteers that do incredible work!

Angel Treasures (resale shops)
The Serenity Shed (bereavement center)
Veteran Volunteers
Administrative Volunteers
Book Club
Gatherer Group
Direct Patient Care


Quotes From Our Volunteers:

“Volunteering at Angel Treasures I (Mt. Morris) is always fun and rewarding. GREAT STAFF with whom to work, friendly customers…..it’s my go-to place‼️”
-Susan Davis

” I have been volunteering along with my good friend at The Shed on Wednesdays. We both love art and we have been cleaning, organizing and coming up with ideas in which we could create things with all the donated supplies. I love the idea of helping a grieving and hurting person by giving them a time of peace through creating an art piece to either keep or donate to sell to benefit the Serenity House. “
-Sheri Warren

“I love volunteering at Serenity Shed. Creating art and crafts while building relationships is something I really love. Creating makes people feel happy. Serenity Shed is the perfect place to do both!”
-Nan Elson

Being part of and participating in the Serenity Gatherer Group is so enjoyable and rewarding. We have a great devoted group that meets monthly to prepare items needed for community, nursing homes, etc. and an enjoyable, delicious lunch follows afterwards! I am thankful!”
-Margaret G.

“I’ve been blessed to volunteer at Serenity. I do some sewing projects which have included sewing hand rolls, pillows for veterans, and other little projects. I’m glad I can contribute to this organization”
-Marilyn H.

“I have enjoyed being an administrative volunteer in the Serenity Home for several years.  I greet visitors, answer the phone, work on mailings, make copies, and laminate.  Knowing that I am helping the hard-working staff at Serenity is a great way for this retiree to give of my time.”
-Jean W.

“Working at the front desk at Serenity House involves answering phones, assisting visitors and helping with various office projects. More importantly it provides an opportunity to support families during a challenging time. Being there to see the staff provide exceptional care to every patient is always a joy.”
-Laurie S.

“As a volunteer in the Serenity office, I contribute to the hospice mission by preparing the sets of forms that nurses use for patient intake, as well as various handouts given to patients and families. Sometimes I help get things off high shelves, and I reset the clock twice a year!”
-Bob G.

Interested in volunteering? Contact Stephanie at 815-732-2499.