Welcome Dr. Plescia!

Dr. John Plescia, MD

At Serenity Hospice and Home, we are delighted to introduce our new Medical Director, Dr. John Plescia. A familiar name in the Mt. Morris-Oregon area, Dr. Plescia has been a beacon of compassionate care since joining our team in the fall of 2023. His professional journey has seen him in various roles, from KSB’s Oregon Health Clinic to Allure of Pinecrest’s Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, all of which have prepared him for his current role at Serenity.

During a medical conference held in Canada that Dr. Plescia attended with now-retired and former Serenity Medical Director Dr. Tim Appenheimer, a call to work in hospice was cemented. Dr. Plescia felt the calling to help patients along the end-of-life journey and began seeking further education in hospice care. Dr. Plescia learned many valuable lessons about end of life care from Dr. Appenheimer as their time at Serenity overlapped. He notes that it is often difficult to know when the time is right for hospice, and individuals frequently strive for quality of life over a simple quantity of days. Serenity excels at building a meaningful and caring relationship with a patient, and Dr. Plescia and the entire staff care deeply about that focus. He invites anyone needing more information to contact Serenity to learn about care options.


Born in DeKalb, Dr. Plescia is the oldest of seven siblings and grew up in Grayslake, IL. Meeting his wife in Champaign while attending college, they enjoy a robust family with four children aged 16, 15, 13, and 12. Many may not know that this compassionate doctor is also an author who wrote a work of fiction that started with stories told to his children when they were younger. The Northwoods Adventures of Bob Baker was published in 2021 and centers on an aging trapper in Maine. The book deals with family dynamics, the great outdoors, and the need for second chances. It is available online but can also be purchased locally at Books On First in Dixon, IL. A sequel to the story is forthcoming, taking place in the land of horses and bluegrass – Kentucky.

Other interests in his life vary from canoeing and kayaking to prairie restoration, hiking, hunting, and trying his hand at growing Paw Paw trees, hoping to grow his own delicious Paw Paw fruit. His education includes undergraduate work at the University of Illinois (Champaign), medical education at the University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford, and a SwedishAmerican Hospital (Rockford) residency. 


Dr. Plescia’s approach to hospice care is centered around understanding the patient’s needs and determining how comfort can be achieved. This often involves reducing unnecessary medications and procedures and moving away from treatments that can make the patient feel worse at end-of-life. Hospice care is about meeting the goals that patients and their families have. Death is a natural part of life and we try to help people with that process. He has witnessed many patients during hospice care being given the gift of time to reflect, tie up loose ends, and communicate with loved ones in profound and deeply personal ways.

Dr. Plescia’s message about Serenity Hospice & Home is clear: we are known for our excellent care and our nurses, CNAs, counselors, and chaplains are truly special. Our focus is on providing high-quality medical care with comfort as a priority at the end of life. Even basic medications can bring significant comfort, which is not about technology but intentional caring, as Dr. Plescia emphasizes.

The Plescia Family


When asked if providing medical care in three different settings is a struggle, Dr. Plescia shares an interesting response: the privilege of working at Allure of Pinecrest, KSB Oregon Clinic, and Serenity allows him to serve in a continuum of care, enabling him to walk with people through all stages of life.

When patients meet with Dr. Plescia, he is interested to learn more about what matters to them most. Frequently, patients talk about the need for comfort, family, accomplishments yet to be achieved, and the ability to avoid pain and suffering. The Serenity team attends to the patient’s and family’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through the end-of-life journey.

As an extra level of care, Serenity Home in Oregon is a special and peaceful place with an incredible atmosphere of comfort, just one of the many aspects that drew Dr. Plescia to the organization. Before being Serenity’s Medical Director, he often recommended patients to Serenity and was pleased with the care they received. Likewise, Serenity is extremely thankful for Dr. Plescia’s leadership, skill, compassion, and dedication to the organization.