The Shed Selling Dixie Belle Chalk Paint!

The Shed is Now a Distributor for Dixie Belle chalk Paint!


The Serenity Shed is excited to announce they have become a distributor for Dixie Belle Paints!  These extraordinary paints take all the hard work out of your refurbishing and painting projects because they do not require you to do all of the sanding, scraping and priming.  They allow you to focus on the fun parts of the project!

“During a particularly difficult time in my personal life, I started refurbishing furniture as my therapy,” said Suzanne Fulford, the founder of Dixie Belle Paint Company. “I hated the sanding, scraping and priming part of the refurbishing, just took too much time! That’s when I heard of a type of paint that did away with all those miserable steps.  I tried to purchase some but it was crazy expensive. That was when I decided to come up with my own recipe that was more cost-effective. Voila… Dixie Belle was born!”

Since introducing Dixie Belle paints into their workroom, the volunteers at The Shed have had fun exploring the many techniques possible when using these special products.  Stop by The Shed anytime to see this unique craft room and see these awesome paints!  Open to the public and located at 131 N. 3rd St in downtown Oregon.  For more information call 815-732-2499 and ask for The Shed.