Serenity Hosting Travel Program About Israel

Serenity Hosting Free Travel Program about Isreal


Isreal: land of deserts, oasis, history, confrontation, and Biblical stories. Exotic, beautiful, controversial—Isreal. As you are choosing your summer vacation destination, Isreal may not have immediately crossed your mind, but for two local travelers Isreal was at the top of their list. Recently James and Karen Brown of Oregon traveled to Isreal and you are invited to hear their story. On June 19 at 6 p.m. The Serenity Shed (131 N. 3rd St. in downtown Oregon) will be transformed with Israeli music, food, photos and stories.   The couple will share their experiences and their tips for traveling to such an exotic location. Explore Isreal through this armchair travel experience! This program is free, but please register by calling 815-732-2499.