Serenity Home Lifts All Restrictions

Just like all healthcare organizations, Serenity Hospice and Home has faced a difficult couple of years navigating the challenges of the pandemic. While many organizations at some point or another chose to close their doors completely to visitors in order to mitigate risk of infection, the Serenity Home, with certain restrictions in place, has always allowed visitors. There have been many times during the pandemic where a terminally ill patient has been discharged from the hospital to the Serenity Home making that one last embrace and final goodbye possible.
Recently, Serenity lifted all restrictions at the home, allowing unlimited family and friends to visit patients, and also reopening the use of all their amenities including the family kitchen and children’s play room. Serenity staff has been overjoyed to once again serve families in this exceptional way that no other local hospice can, providing a loving and peaceful environment to support the end-of-life journey.
The Serenity Home is a state-of-the art facility like no other in the area where staff provides high quality, compassionate in-patient care to the terminally ill, either for respite or when patients’ symptoms become unmanageable at home. The facility is one-of-a-kind with a beautiful walking trail winding around the wooded grounds. Each patient room has an outdoor patio space, a guest bed for family to stay over and a soothing electric fireplace. There is a chapel, kids playing room and family kitchen. The Serenity Home has such a peaceful and calming aura that patients have often referred to it as “God’s waiting room to heaven.”

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