Who pays for care at the Serenity Home?  Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies cover General Inpatient (GIP) and Respite care if part of their plan requirements.  Private payment arrangements are available when services are not covered by other entities.

Who determines the level of care a patient is eligible for?  Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies have determined the standard criteria for the various levels of care.  Serenity Hospice & Home must follow these guidelines.  It is the role of the Interdisciplinary Team, made up of nurses, physicians, social worker, and other team members to assess the patient’s overall condition and determine which of these levels of care match the patient’s condition and needs.  Patient condition is evaluated daily in the Serenity Home and patient and/or family are notified about any change in level of care.

How long can a patient stay at Serenity Home?  Medicare and Medicaid pay for Respite care up to 5 days in a covered period and for General Inpatient care for the duration of time that a patient meets the established criteria, usually less than two weeks, but based on patient’s care needs.  Private insurances provide different coverages, generally based on patient condition and subject to preauthorization.  When the GIP level of care is no longer appropriate, care may be continued in the Serenity Home, if desired, through private payment of the room and board.  In this case Medicare pays for Routine care as they would if the patient was in their home or a nursing facility.

Who makes referrals?  Anyone can make a referral. Physicians and Social Workers refer a large percentage of patients to hospice.  Relatives and friends often refer a loved one. Sometimes the patient will call for himself or herself.  Once the initial contact is made, a member of our staff will speak to the patient’s physician or case manager to see if the patient meets the criteria for admission to hospice.

Who provides care at the Serenity Home?  The Serenity Home is staffed by Registered Nurses and Nurse’s Aides to provide care to patients.  The full complement of Hospice support staff members, such as Chaplain, Bereavement Coordinator, Social Worker, etc. are available to provide other services as indicated.  Serenity Hospice & Home’s physician visits patients to assess any are needs they may have and will coordinate care with the patient’s personal physician if so desired.  A patient’s personal physician is welcome to follow their care while in Serenity Home.

Are there set visiting hours?  The Serenity Home is open 24 hours a day.  Family and friends are welcome to visit at any time the patient and family wish.  Children are welcome.

Can I tour the facility?  We welcome the opportunity to show the facility and services we offer.  If you have a group, please call ahead so that we may have staff available for the tour and to answer any questions.

Is Serenity Home a nursing home?  No.  Serenity Home is a unique environment of care for people on the final journey of life.  You must be a Serenity Hospice & Home Hospice patient to receive care in Serenity Home.

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